Our Privacy and Security Policy explains how our Company collects, maintains, uses, and communicates your personal data.

SILK CAPITAL PARTNERS S.A. is committed to protecting the privacy of all the personal data it receives from you.

SILK CAPITAL PARTNERS S.A. operates, maintains and processes these data when and if this practice does not conflict with applicable legal requirements, and only to the extent considered necessary to achieve the objectives set out in this document.

By completing the information required for the opening of an account with SILK CAPITAL PARTNERS SA, the company collects personal data both for the investor him/herself as well as for his/her professional activities. This information is collected in order the Company to assess whether the investor is eligible to open an investment account with our Company.

Specifically, the types of information we collect are the following:

Requested Information to open an investor’s account:

Personal Information (Name, Surname, address, date of birth, registration number(s), employment status, income, etc.) 

Information to verify your personal information:

All information that will help us verify your identity, such as your passport, your identity card or any utility bills that can verify your address.

Renewal of your personal information:

Each registered member has the right to object to the Company maintaining his/her personal information for purposes other than those described in the terms of use of the online platform. The objections must be addressed -in writing- to the platform administrators, to the address shown below and should contain a request for specific action, such as correction, temporary or non-use, locking, non-transfer or even complete deletion of the investor’s personal information. The platform administrators are obliged to respond, also in writing, to the objections due within fifteen (15) days. Please note that, in the case of a deletion request of an own account of a registered member, all services, uploads, history of  exchanges and any other kind of communication or data will be completely erased.

Finally, this statement may be periodically renewed and the renewed statement will be sent to the user by e-mail (if so desired).

In case you have any questions concerning the terms of use, our Privacy Policy, the way we handle your personal information, or any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In order to protect the information exchanged with customers, SILK CAPITAL PARTNERS S.A.  uses data encryption technology, in particular SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This type of technology encodes your files and information during the electronic communication, so as not to be intercepted by third parties. In addition to the SSL technology, SILK CAPITAL PARTNERS S.A. uses other systems of electronic security such as firewalls and user authentication methods (passwords, usernames, etc.).